Paraphanalia and Controlled Substance: Loss of License

If you are convicted of either if these two charges you will lose you driver’s license, even if it had nothing to do with driving. People often do not understand this fact, and don’t find out until they’ve posted bail, or plead guilty, they receive notice from Driver’s License of the revocation of their license for 6 months, a longer… Read More

Taking action upon an arrest for DUI

Two courses of action are set in motion when you are arrested for DUI: administrative action by the Drivers License Bureau and criminal action by the court system. You must, in order to have any chance to save your driving privilege, within 10 day of the arrest, request a hearing in writing. That hearing will usually be held within 30… Read More

Refusal: a Good or Bad Idea?

With the speed of electronic warrants, manageable within minutes, and the immediate availability of phlebotomists (persons certified to draw blood), it makes little sense to refuse. Refusals carry a significant penalty on the license, multiplying the number of months of revocation, and in a very high percentage of the cases, law enforcement gets what they wanted and needed for the… Read More