Utah Marijuana Laws and How They Can Impact You

On January 1, 2014, marijuana became legal in our neighboring state of Colorado. This has caused tourism to boom in the Centennial State and many Utah residents have crossed the state border to try some legal marijuana. Unfortunately, even a short vacation can cost you more than its worth in Utah.

Utah has some of the toughest drug enforcement laws, including their Zero Tolerance law that makes internal possession illegal. Marijuana can stay in your bloodstream for weeks after consumption, meaning if you get pulled over on your way back from a trip to Colorado, you will be charged with a metabolite DUI.

Here at Kelly Cardon & Associates, we can help you fight your metabolite DUI charge and save you jail time, and even your driver’s license. Let us fill you in on Utah’s marijuana laws and how they can affect your driver’s license.

Marijuana and Your Driver’s License

As mentioned before, Utah’s marijuana laws are rather strict. In Utah, as well as many other states, driving under the influence of marijuana can result in a suspension of your license. But the Beehive State has taken things a step further. If you are caught with marijuana possession of any kind, your driver’s license will be suspended for six months.

Obviously, a suspended license can have far-reaching effects on your employment and other aspects of life since your main means of transportation has been revoked. Additionally, depending on the amount of marijuana you were found to have, you could be charged with possession, sale, or cultivation. Also, drug paraphernalia can have other legal punishments. Any of these crimes will result in a suspension of your driver’s license.

Other Legal Penalties

In addition to a suspended driver’s license, marijuana laws come with a variety of other legal penalties if convicted. Possession of marijuana can result in legal fines between $1,000 for lower amounts, and $10,000 for possession of 100 pounds or more. Jail time is also included as a penalty. For small levels of possession, you could face 6 months of jail time, whereas 100 pounds or more of marijuana possession will result in 1 to 15 years in prison.

How We Can Help

Here at Kelly Cardon & Associates, we are well versed in Utah’s drug laws. We understand the complexities of these laws and the proper procedures that law enforcement must follow. This allows us to find the best defense for you against Utah’s marijuana laws.

If you are facing a Utah marijuana law conviction, contact us today.

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