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Provide a true or false answer for each of the 10 questions listed below. When you are finished, check your results to review your results.

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T   F   
Alcohol is a central nervous system stimulant.

T   F   
Alcohol and aspirin taken together raises Blood Alcohol Levels.

T   F   
Alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence are different problems.

T   F   
A large quantity of alcohol affects respiration and heart rate.

T   F   
An average mixed drink contains nearly twice as much alcohol as a 
12-oz. beer.

T   F   
Everyone eliminates alcohol from their body at the same rate.

T   F   
A glass of wine is absorbed into the bloodstream faster than a “gin and tonic.”

T   F   
In Michigan an 18-year-old may sell or serve alcoholic beverages.

T   F   
Drinking coffee will help you “sober up.”

T   F   
Vomiting is part of the body’s defense against alcohol poisoning.



Alcohol Quiz Results

F – Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant. 

F – Aspirin has no effect on Blood Alcohol Level.

T – Alcohol abuse is a problem and continued alcohol abuse can lead to dependence problems, but abuse and dependence are different problems.

T – Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant that affects both respiration (breathing) and heart rate. In large quantities it can depress both functions to the point of stopping the heart and breathing, resulting in death.

F – A mixed drink with one shot of alcohol has the same total alcohol content as a 12 oz. bottle of beer or a 4-5 oz. glass of wine.

F – The rate that your body eliminates alcohol is effected by several things, including body size, the amount of food and sleep you have had and other factors. Everyone eliminates the alcohol from the body differently.

F – Carbonated beverages in a drink will cause a faster absorption of the alcohol into the body, so a gin and tonic will enter the bloodstream somewhat faster than a glass of wine. However, the type of alcohol consumed does not affect the rate that the body metabolizes the alcohol.

T – An 18 year old may sell or serve alcoholic beverages in Michigan, but may not purchase, consume, possess, or attempt to purchase, consume or possess alcohol.

F – Drinking coffee will not make a person “more sober.” Only time can “sober” a person.

T– Vomiting is a body’s response to the try to eliminate the poison


Drink responsibly.  Don’t drink and drive. Always have a designated driver or have the Uber app on your phone.  To download the Uber app go to:


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