A New Sanction in Utah: .05 DUI

In March 2017, Utah became the first state to enact legislation lowering the legal alcohol limit for driving. The new law, which takes effect this year on December 30, will lower the limit from .08% to .05%.

What does this mean to even the most casual drinker?  A glass of wine with dinner at a restaurant, or 2 or 3 beers at the sports bar could well put you in the range of DUI driving.  Consumption, elapsed time between drinks and driving, your body weight all will play a part.


Find you weight in the chart below and calculate with your personal drinking habits. While you may not feel impaired and quite possibly past a sobriety test, your blood alcohol level will tell another story

Social drinking women, not known to be heavy drinkers or partiers, will have to become more conscious of their drinking habits when out and about. Under the new law, if you weigh over 100 pounds, just one drink will put you at the limit.

Lots of factors that can affect blood alcohol content BAC are not accounted for. It’s always best not to drive if you’ve been drinking.

Know the law.  Know your rights.  Know the right attorney.

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