Alcohol & You

Alcohol and you: Take the Quiz! Test Your Alcohol KnowledgeProvide a true or false answer for each of the 10 questions listed below. When you are finished, check your results to review your results. Top of Form T   F   Alcohol is a central nervous system stimulant. T   F   Alcohol and aspirin taken together raises Blood Alcohol Levels. T   F   Alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence are… Read More

A New Sanction in Utah: .05 DUI

A New Sanction in Utah: .05 DUI In March 2017, Utah became the first state to enact legislation lowering the legal alcohol limit for driving. The new law, which takes effect this year on December 30, will lower the limit from .08% to .05%. What does this mean to even the most casual drinker?  A glass of wine with dinner at… Read More