We all know (but never think of) that this day, or tomorrow could be our last. So when we spend the day grumbling over our bad luck, our misfortune, our failures, are we making the most of a day, a moment, an opportunity to laugh, enjoy, grow in that moment that could be our last?  Are we relishing what may  Or are our habits, self imposed limitations, and fear controlling what we choose to do with the next 30 minutes, possibly the last of our lives? None, not one, of us knows when our time will be over, except perhaps immediately before. The only thing we really know in advance is that we will pass.  None of us know when, until it’s too late to enjoy it all. Once this is understood and lived by, every moment becomes the best we have lived, until it’s the last. What a way to live. Live like you are dying. Because all of us are. Why commiserate when those are the facts? Learn from and limit your failures, and enjoy it all and enjoy it now.

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