Everything is constantly changing. If we accept this, then what role do we play in changing our lives, for the present for the future? Choose to change your life, not just let the environment change you. Examine your habits, your viewpoints, your stance, your work, your goals. Continually, not just sometime in the future, because that time may never come. By changing, we must get better, maybe by trial and error, maybe by failing. Where will you be, if you fail, right where you were, but more experienced and probably wiser. Challenge those decisions you made yesterday and maybe, decades ago, when your mind and life were not what they are know. Didn’t like tomatoes when you were 6, maybe you’ll like them now. Didn’t like failing at 12, maybe you’ll appreciate it more now, and experiment with options that work for you, now. But, maybe not tomorrow. Always look to change because it is the road to better.

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