You, me, all of us will always have a future, as long as we live. Whether it’s five minutes before we die or 50 years before we pass. Whether you are 6 and discovering all, 16 and questioning everything, 30 and changing life course, 50 and pontificating about life, or 75 and ruing your lack of accomplishment, you have a future. Therefore, there is always time to change ourselves and the world, to inspire others, to bring about a smile, to solve problems. The point is it IS never too late. And that applies to all of us because all of us retain that capacity right up until we no longer are, no matter what has gone before.
There is always time to better a mistake, to do what’s right, to negotiate a better outcome, to change behavior. None of this works however until we’ve cleared our mind of avoiding responsibility. Once responsibility is owned, it can then be changed. And only then.
Many times a good attorney can help clear the vision and the way to these actions. But, first the decision to hire one must be made. Then we can move into a better thought process.

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