When we own property, real or personal, we become more powerful in many ways, economically, socially, politically. But, when we own our actions, our thoughts, our mistakes as well as our successes, our power increases exponentially. Our positive growth accompanies this increase. When make the decision to no longer own what we create, that growth and power begins their respective shrinkage. Knowing and living this is not just the keys to power, but, more importantly happiness.
This applies to crimes, decisions on alcohol or drugs, how to handle the aftermath of an arrest, whether to place ourselves on the wrong side of the law, and really, every aspect of our lives. It also applies to judges, prosecutors, politicians, police, defense counsel, well, everyone. When we stop growing, we stop changing and adapting in a world that is ever changing. What might be right today will inevitably be altered by the facts changing that justify its correctness now. Such is the state of the decisions we come to. We must all reconsider, reevaluate, and most important, adjust when sufficient change has occurred.

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