Many people will make commitments over the next week, most the time, with the idea o bettering their lives. Resolutions are great, but only if they create new habits. As I’ve mentioned here before habits are a great evolutionary tactic, but, they often can create negatives, if not continually reevaluated and adjusted. Sometimes they need to be replaced in total. When over drinking alcohol has become a habit, its usually time to make a big adjustment, or to replace it altogether. Recognition of this is often brought about when the drinking results in trouble with relationships or with the law. A new year is an excellent time to go through a self reevaluation to check out all of your habits and see what modifications should be made, if any. It’s also a great time to make changes rather than have those changes be made for you by getting arrested for DUI. Law enforcement will be out in force for New Years, you can bet on it. Just don’t bet your future on it.

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