Whether you’ve created a bad situation for yourself, or someone has done that to you, it immediately becomes a time to make decisions. To limit damages and improve out of the facts, or to turn your palms up and suffer all of the consequences, that becomes your first deciding point. Then who to engage to untangle the DUI or criminal charge, or who to hire to maximize your recovery from the injuries you or a family member have suffered, becomes the next solution. Both decisions can be difficult, but they must be made without delay. Procrastination only increases the issues as well as diminishes the likelihood of improving an unfortunate situation. In a DUI you must request a driver’s license hearing within 10 days along with begin gathering evidence immediately for that hearing, such as video and police reports. In an injury at the hands of another, you must document the injury, its progress and pain from the beginning. Choose carefully, but choose quickly. For your attorney, but more so, for you.

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