What is a Metabolite DUI in Utah

Having a DUI on your criminal record can have costly implications, but having a metabolite DUI on your record can be even worse. Unlike a normal DUI charge, a metabolite DUI charge insinuates that you were under the influence of drugs, not just alcohol. This means that in addition to your DUI charge you could also end up with criminal drug charges, like internal possession or intent to sell.

Metabolite DUI’s do not only apply to illegal drugs and alcohol but also to legally obtained prescription drugs. If a legal prescription drug has impaired your ability to drive, you will be charged with a metabolite DUI. A prescription is not going to be accepted as a sound legal defense, especially if you have put innocent lives at risk.

As Utah’s most trusted criminal defense and DUI defense legal office, we can help you with your metabolite DUI defense.

Utah’s Metabolite DUI Charges

Utah is known for a lot of things: beautiful mountains, the world’s best snow, and our strict zero tolerance law. This law states that it is illegal to operate a vehicle with any amount of illegal drugs in your bloodstream. While the most obvious way to avoid a metabolite DUI charge is to avoid illegal drugs, which we strongly recommend, there are instances in where this law is unfair to Utah residents.

Under Utah’s metabolite DUI laws, a first offense is a class B misdemeanor and this criminal charge could come with as much as $1,000 in fines, and up to six months in jail. Obviously, this could have negative repercussions on your personal and work life, which is why we are here to help you. Some of the drugs that could land you a metabolite DUI charge are:

  • Marijuana
  • Methamphetamines
  • Opiates
  • Cocaine
  • Hallucinogens

How We Can Help

While the laws surrounding metabolite DUI’s are incredibly strict in Utah, so are the procedures the police must follow during a metabolite DUI arrest. For example, the police must prove probable cause for why they pulled you over. If they cannot prove this, then there is a good chance your metabolite DUI case will be thrown out.

Additionally, blood tests are needed to prove you have a metabolite in your system. This process is just as complicated, as the blood must be drawn by the proper individual, a nurse or doctor usually. The vial of blood must also be stored properly. If any of these blood work issues have come up in your metabolite DUI case, we have a good chance of having your case thrown out.

No matter the case, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to help you fight your metabolite DUI charge. You can contact us here or call us at 801.627.1110 if you’re in Northern Utah or 801.328.1110 if you’re in the greater Salt Lake City area.