Expecting the Worst

Being arrested for DUI brings about an expectation of the worst: jail, loss of license, loss of job, financial consequences including insurance issues, conversations among your peers and family members, and most importantly, fear of the unknown. Finding an experienced guide who can guide you through the maze of laws and exposure, as well as the fear that has jumped… Read More

Growing Into Our Future

You, me, all of us will always have a future, as long as we live. Whether it’s five minutes before we die or 50 years before we pass. Whether you are 6 and discovering all, 16 and questioning everything, 30 and changing life course, 50 and pontificating about life, or 75 and ruing your lack of accomplishment, you have a… Read More

Using Adversity

The more we’re challenged, the better we become. What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger. Failure brings success. All of these have the same theme. Why then do we groan at challenge, stress, and failure? Welcome the difficult, the query, the obstacle, the error. When you’ve made a mistake, invest in it, learn from it, use it to make your… Read More

Purpose of Insurance

Many people fail to see the purpose of insurance because they rarely have to use it. When someone suffers injury at the hand of someone else, insurance should be there to make the someone whole and to protect the someone else from substantial hardship. Often times, insurance fails to do either one, usually in the names of misunderstanding and profit.… Read More


People everyday, are injured by the actions of another, either through intentional acts or negligence, in auto crashes or by other means. These incidents can result in moderate but painful injuries, much more serious injuries bringing about disability and life long pain, or even death. Everyone is subject not only to being a victim, but also to making the mistakes… Read More

Refusal: a Good or Bad Idea?

With the speed of electronic warrants, manageable within minutes, and the immediate availability of phlebotomists (persons certified to draw blood), it makes little sense to refuse. Refusals carry a significant penalty on the license, multiplying the number of months of revocation, and in a very high percentage of the cases, law enforcement gets what they wanted and needed for the… Read More