Park City DUI Defense Attorney

If you’ve been arrested in the state of Utah for a DUI in Summit County, Wasatch County, Park City or Heber City, the smartest thing you can do is immediately contact a well-qualified, experienced DUI attorney. You might wonder if you truly need an attorney to defend against the charges that have been brought against you. The reality of the situation is that if you are found guilty of DUI, you are looking at significant fines and fees, a driver’s license suspension, attending an alcohol education program, the installation of an ignition interlock device, and possible jail time, to name just a few of the penalties you’ll suffer.

Maybe you’re not aware of the fact that the courts and judges in Summit and Wasatch Counties are exceptionally tough when trying a DUI case. They’re well-known by attorneys for being hard to beat, and the law enforcement officials in these counties are well-trained and efficient when investigating a potential drug or alcohol DUI.

Utah has always taken a tough stance on DUI. Historically speaking, Utah was the first in the United States to lower the legal blood alcohol limit from .10 to .08. And Utah has once again lowered the legal blood alcohol limit – this time from .08 to .05. The bill was signed by our governor, Gary Herbert, and has become law. Therefore, it will become much easier for the average driver in Utah to get charged with DUI after they’ve been drinking.

In the state of Utah, driving while under the influence has become a serious problem. Statistics from 2015 tell us that there were over 2,000 alcohol-related driver crashes resulting in over 1,200 injuries and 37 deaths. Marijuana-related crashes have also become a bigger problem, with 38 drivers in fatal crashes testing positive for marijuana use, compared to 21 drivers in 2014, and just 10 in 2013. These statistics make the authorities more zealous in their enforcement of Utah’s DUI laws.

As the alcohol intoxication legal limit decreases, and marijuana DUI arrests become more common, you may find yourself in a situation where you need an attorney on your side who is intimately familiar with Summit and Wasatch County law enforcement, judges, and courts if you’re charged with a DUI.

Kelly Cardon is that attorney.

He has over 25 years of experience in Utah DUI defense, and is able to accomplish far more than you would be able to accomplish in attempting to defend your own case. Mr. Cardon is familiar with the intricacies of DUI law in Summit County and Wasatch County. Very often, proper procedures are not followed in a DUI arrest. Kelly is aware of this fact, and will use it to prepare a stronger case for you.

Take, for example, the Baker Rule. This rule states that the law enforcement officer performing a DUI breath test for blood alcohol must check the suspect’s mouth for the presence of any foreign objects, and visually monitor the suspect for any sign of burping, regurgitation, chewing, or vomiting for a full 15 minutes before performing the breath test. This 15 minute period may not be impeded or interrupted, or the clock must be restarted for an additional 15 minute period of monitoring. Often, the Baker Rule has not been properly followed in making a DUI arrest. If so, all of the subsequent evidence that shows intoxication must be suppressed. When it is, the result is often a dismissal of all charges. I’m sure you can see how the awareness of the nuances of the Baker Rule could be helpful in your own DUI case.

Marijuana arrests are more problematic, because they do not involve the element of intoxication. All that is necessary for a metabolite DUI arrest is the presence of the metabolite of THC in your system. However, the arresting officers must still follow proper procedures when making a marijuana DUI arrest. If they do not, Kelly will use their mistakes to your advantage and obtain the best possible results for you under the circumstances.

Kelly Cardon knows DUI laws, and he knows how to navigate the legal system to take full advantage of these technical oversights to increase the strength of your case. He can give you a realistic legal opinion regarding your case that is based on his vast knowledge, and experience trying cases just like yours.

Kelly offers a free consultation to discuss your case, the laws involved, your options, and the process he and his team will best utilize to successfully defend your case and solve your legal problems. He can even answer your questions during a simple phone call.

Don’t let your DUI case devastate your life – your present, your future, your family’s well-being, and your job. You may very well regret driving while under the influence, but you will not regret contacting the law office of Kelly Cardon.