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Do I Really Need A DUI Attorney?

Once you have been arrested for a DUI in the State of Utah, your life gets a lot more complicated. In some cases, those complications can last for months, if not years.

At a bare minimum, if you plead or are found guilty, you’re going to be facing court imposed fines and fees. In addition, you’re looking at a suspension of your driver’s license, a mandatory alcohol education program, and the possible imposition of an ignition interlock device in order to drive.

Despite the hefty financial and social costs of all of these penalties, some people still wonder if they really need a lawyer to defend them against the DUI charges. Family members and friends tell them second- and third-hand stories about how their best friend’s second cousin got off scot-free without the help of a lawyer.

They don’t stop to consider if these stories are actually true or if the facts of that case bear any similarity to the facts surrounding their own arrest. It’s almost as if they think they can change the outcome of one bad decision – drinking and driving – with another bad decision, representing themselves.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI there’s only one thing that you have to remember – operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol is a crime in the State of Utah. It’s a crime that the prosecutor bringing the charges against you takes seriously. It’s a crime that the judge hearing your case takes seriously. That means that it’s a crime you need to take seriously as well.

The only thing that you accomplish by not taking the criminal charges against you seriously is raising the odds that your life will get even more complicated than it is otherwise. Are you willing to risk your hard-earned money, your driver’s license, and even your freedom on an anecdotal story? 

The bottom line is that you need a DUI defense lawyer representing your interests in your DUI case, and here are two great reasons to hire one.
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