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If you're being charged with a crime in Ogden, Utah, your best bet is to contact Kelly Cardon Law Offices. We've been providing legal consultation and representation in Wever County for over 25 years!

Our legal services are far reaching and have helped many Utah residents reach a legal solution that is fair and amicable for both the court system and the defendant.

Our Criminal Law Defense Services

Kelly Cardon Law Offices has the experience in criminal law defense you need if you've been charged with a crime in Utah. Drug charges are common, but many Utah residents don’t know that any drug or paraphernalia charge will result in a suspended license for at least six months. This can have a dramatic effect on your work, home, and personal life.

Additionally, Kelly Cardon can help you build a strong defense for traffic tickets, prescription drug charges, and he can even help get a DUI expunged from your record. Kelly Cardon’s experience is especially important in instances like this, which can increase your likelihood for a just outcome.

DUI Legal Services

Kelly Cardon Law Offices have been building sound DUI defenses in Wever County for years. Even if you believe the police has strong evidence, we can help.

A DUI charge can damage your reputation, cost you your job and family, and can even land you in jail. You don't have to let that happen. Call Kelly Cardon Law Offices today to start building your DUI defense.

Our Additional Legal Services

Kelly Cardon Law Offices also specialize in personal injury cases and can help draft wills for estate planning. Get a FREE case analysis today over the phone when you give us a call.
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